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From Robert Burns

The Bard Eternal

Shakespeare lives! At least in spirit and the muse is ever at hand. His is a story that spans the ages, a tale of sonnet and song and the power of inspiration upon the human spirit. So follow, through the mind of Thomas Tuck, from the battlefields of ancient Greece to the shores of Roman Italy to the forests of Chaucer's England and beyond. Here is a love story for all time and a love that shall never die. You have but to turn a page and the adventure shall begin.
Find out more and get a discount at ForeverShakespeare.com

The Bard Eternal


From Shannon Willitts Falk

52 Sisters Life Behind the Razor Wire Fence

That is Shannon Willitts Falk's story. The story she tells is the raw and honest account of her life in the Sonoma County women's jail, which, surprisingly, ends in a revelation that changes her future. Falk's diagnosis with bipolar disease changes everything. And as life rafts go it is better than rehab because it brings understanding to the confusion.

52 Sisters Life Behind the Razor Wire Fence


From Gerry Ellen

Ripple Effects

Gerry Ellen tells the story of her trials and tribulations throughout her years, and how it ebbed and flowed within each city she lived in. She shows you that, despite all odds, you can embark on a path of unexpected resistance, and still come out with your dignity intact. To understand that even during the most challenging times of your life, you can learn from that lesson, follow your heart, and be okay. Your life can have a ripple effect, not only for yourself, but others in a most profound way.

Ripple Effects


From Kimberly Ann Francis

Payten and Nannie Ann - Painting Our Way Home

Payten and Nannie Ann - Painting Our Way Home
In this beautifully illustrated children's book you can share the experience of visiting a small town, and national parks — including Yosemite National Park and the historic Rail Town and Columbia, a restored gold town — where the author is from and where her young niece is brought for a visit. This book is full of delightful images and includes pages for the young reader to draw her own memories.

Payten and Nannie Ann - Painting Our Way Home


From Patricia Rose Gilles

Echoes of the Moon Flower

Echoes of the Moon flower is a book of eclectic poetry which covers subjects such as Nature. Eroticism, Family, Long Poems, Miscellaneous subjects. Spirituality and Dark Poetry. Each chapter has its own theme so that it can feel like you are reading seven short books instead of one longer one. The Gently Erotic poems are about my relationship with my husband and can be used with your imagination to feel that your relationship can be substituted in the poem. The Dark Poetry (Shadow Side of a Rose) has to do with subjects such as rage, deception, rape, anger, abuse and other more negative emotions that are hardly ever expressed in poetry books. They give voice to the dark side of humanity. Long poems are just that: long. They should be read when you are in the mood for a story. Don't read them in a hurry or you will miss the rich imagery of the poem. Spirituality is about the divine. Some of the poems are about God and others are about Jesus. There are a couple of prayers to Mother God for those who believe she exists. The chapter on family deals mainly with my child-rearing years and poems about my children. Again each chapter can be read like a book. I hope you enjoy my compilation of poems. This rendering took me thirty years to write. I hope my next book will go a little faster.

Echoes of the Moon Flower


From Georgia Jones

Things Relative

Is there a double blind test for the existence of God?
Ramona asks this question as she begins her story. It isn't really her story, though. It is the story of her adopted sister, Regina, and of Regina's rise to fame and, ultimately, to destruction as an evangelist. Moany's story begins with Regina's adoption, Ramona's father and mother, the separation, the church, the early stirrings of the religious icon that Regina intends to become. The answer to her question is a dark comedy.

Take a little bit of Elmer Gantry; a dash of David Korish; wrap them up in a lovely young woman, an orphan; substitute the local planning department for the ATF; throw in two reverends and a gospel caravan, a con artist named Marcus, a streetwalker called Tricks, several twists and turns, and a baby… Then, like a cherry on top, drop one piece of space debris into the whole, and have it all told by Moany, the adoptive sister of the orphan, and you have a recipe for delight in the shape of Things Relative, Based on a Nearly True Story a satirical novel by Georgia Jones.

Things Relative


From Jerry Lee Murrell

The Red Boat

Poetry, visually and emotionally moving. This book is the product of a Mississippi Gulf view and an uplifting world view. There is nothing as mundane as blue skies in this book but sky, sea, land, and love for those who inhabit them are portrayed with a richness of image and depth of word play that is unusual in modern poetry. An excellent read and a book that can become a companion.

~from Jerry Lee Murrell

The Red Boat


From Georgia Jones

The Rush

A new poetry collection by Georgia Jones
100 poems about the gold rush, the drive, the experience and the aftermath. The Rush is divided into five parts: The Lust, The Land, The Work, The Life and The Future. Climb the mountain and experience what those early adventurers found.

"I live in a place famed for its Gold Rush history, among people who did not find gold-because those who did have moved on. This odd proximity of imagined wonders to the bitterness just below the surface has created an environment as strange as The Rush itself. Most of us write about the world around us. This is my world."

The Rush


From Richard Kuhns

The Scale Conspiracy

It's a fact-95% of all diets and weight loss program fail. Why?
Answer: No, it's not the bathroom scale conspiring against you as it sometime seems. It's that the overweight person has a thinking (suggestion) problem or a problem dealing with certain emotions.

Are you a compulsive habitual eater, a compulsive emotional eater, or self defeative eater?
Answer: At any given time you may be one of three types of eaters (compulsive or not). The Scale Conspiracy in easy to understand terms empowers you to identify the type of eater you are at any given time. Then using specific easy to use common sense techniques and suggestion (self hypnosis too), you will handle it successfully so that you may remember you used to have an eating issue but forget what it felt like as you shed weight permanently.

Warning: Reading this book will provide you the means to build self esteem such that you will feel great about YOU even on the worst "bad hair day" imaginable.

The Scale Conspiracy


From Marc Hoover

You Need a Cellmate Not a Soulmate

Everyone is doing it these days...The risks are high if you aren't careful...
Online dating can be a minefield, but author Marc Hoover has looked at some of the most strange and dangerous parts of this world and is prepared to tell you, not only what to expect, but how to read between the lines and avoid the most dangerous pitfalls.

You Need a Cellmate Not a Soulmate


From Sara Moffitt

The Cottage, Book 2

To readers out there just coming across my new book. my story is mainly about family and nature and other things of earth and how to live a more simple life.

In this small book are many adventure and also miracle healings and drama. The other point of my books is to convince all of you in your own neighborhoods, to help one another without expecting anything in return. We need to see what we can do to set up a place where the poor and homeless in your towns can be able to get help like clouthes and food and places to stay while they are looking to find work. We can do this, if we lovenly work together on this. There are messages from the ET'S and wisdom as well. Too often, most of us have not seen the need to keep this beautiful green and blue planet called earth clean, and this is sad indeed. Also my books have messages in them, to help wake you up as to the reason you were born here. Each of you will experience messages in a different way. Go in love peace and harmony. Also, know this that our creatures on earth have souls and are not just animals. Please treat them with respect. ~Love Sara

The Cottage
From Sonora Writers Group

Second Saturday

This is a collection of works from the members of the Sonora, California writers group that meets the Second Saturday of each month; thus the title. The book is a varied selection of short stories and poetry from this eclectic band who have readings, recommend publishing sources and supports & encourages members to keep writing.


Authors: Blanche Abrams-editor, Sydney Avey, Cheryl Brown, Alisa Jacobs, Victoria Jacobs, Jill Klajic, Calder Lowe, Marylin Martin, Jim Mori, Phil Nichols, Nadine Pedron

Second Saturday

From Ann Sutherland

Back Ward
Set in the 1950s, Back Ward, is a feminist, medical-thriller.

In the 1930s Dr. James Freeman introduced into state hospitals throughout the United States a lobotomy procedure known as ice pick surgery for the treatment of psychotics which left its victims with wide, black circles around their eyes. The black eyes, as these patients were called, were forced onto the back wards - wards hidden from view, far back on the asylum grounds where visitors are not allowed - where patients die. In the historical novel, Back Ward by Ann Sutherland, the brutal treatment of psychiatric patients during this post World War II period and the emerging feminist and civil rights movements that would expose, and change forever, the treatment of women and the mentally ill in the United States is dramatically portrayed.

Back Ward

From Susan Diodati

I knew It Then
“I look in the mirror and wonder where I went...”
With these words we are swept away to Italy: an apartment off the Via Cassia illumined by the legendary light of Rome. To the whitewashed stucco cottage in Marin County, California, where five days after Susan Diodati returns from Italy her mother dies. The unfathomable grief. The unexpected solace of taking refuge in the family home that is now hers to live in until she dies, which is exactly what she wants—until the discovery of a box of letters hidden in the linen closet. The drama they expose draws Susan into a mystery she is resolute to unravel. But after a year of sleuthing, she runs for rescue to the stark high desert of Sedona, Arizona, where the most famous energy vortex—Cathedral Rock—shatters her illusions about family, love, and responsibility. Sedona lights the fuse on a profound and emotional journey of transformation that hurls Susan onto the road of self-discovery, forgiveness, and renewal.

I Knew It Then

From Danielle Joy Linhart

From Deep Within
Violence and abuse in teen dating is more common than we want to think...

"In my heart I believed that I wasn’t good enough for anyone else and that I couldn’t get anyone else who would put up with me. So, I accepted the relationship and all of the consequences that it brought. I even protected him and stuck with him because I thought that I was the cause of everything. Feeling at fault became a normal feeling for me and I blamed everything that went wrong in the relationship on myself. No matter how bad I could have been, there is absolutely no excuse for mental and physical abuse. The fear that my boyfriend created stopped me from getting help and stopped me from confiding in others."

This is an important story for every teen and everyone with a teen in their life, and the book not only warns but offers help. We are grateful to Danielle Joy Linhart for writing her story so other young girls may avoid such abuse.

From Deep Within

From Georgia Jones

Memorable Seasons a new poetry collection from the author of Isabelle's Appetite, A Garden of Weedin', editor and contributor to Women on a Wire and other books.

There are more seasons than the weather allows...
In Memorable Seasons, Georgia Jones has divided her poems into: A Season of Love, The Silly Season, A Season for Peace, A Season of Reflection, and A Season of Life.

Memorable Seasons

Listen to Audio ShowsHear a reading
Georgia's new book Memorable Seasons and a little about writing poetry

This book is also available in a large print version. If you want the large print version order as usual, but please send an email indicating your choice of the large print so your order will be fulfilled that way.

From Lane Willey

On the eve of an election that will change history, I finished this book. Not a day of researching or writing went by that I did not think of the slaves and those who helped them to freedom: free blacks, religious groups, Native Americans and Canadians from every walk of life. If Barack Obama is elected president Free at Last will whisper through the trees and be heard by those willing to listen to words from the past.

Lane Willey
November 3, 2008
Whittled by Time

Whittled By Time

A young slave escapes from his master in Georgia and slowly makes his way to freedom in the North. Isaac travels on foot, ships, wagons and is helped by religious sects, Abolitionists and free blacks. Aspects of the Freedom quilt and recently discovered safe houses in the northeast provided temporary safety. Isaac was always aware that a single word could change the course of his life. Factual chapters are interspersed throughout the book to provide the reader with details of slavery prior to and immediately after the Civil War.

Available in the store now

Whittled By Time is an effective mix of fact and fiction that takes the reader through an adventure story to a greater understanding of an important period in American history.

Award-Winner in the Audio Book: Spiritual category of the National Best Books 2008 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News...(insert drum roll here)      Lives in Process by Dottie Moore


From Georgia Jones!


Were some things meant to last forever?

When Isabelle’s life suddenly goes into freefall, it is food that becomes her anchor. In Isabelle’s Appetite, the reader experiences a single day that is a lifetime of revelation.

This is a life, a marriage, a funeral procession, a walk through a past to ashes and passion. Its pathos is not without humor and its understanding is not without human frailty and misunderstanding.

Lane Willey (Ms. Elani) doesn't just talk books;
she writes them!
Fireflies in Baldwin

A killing with overtones of a racial nature greets Olivia as she moves to her new town. Needing to flee the large city, she has come to the country to start a quiet life, one without problems. But that is not to be. Through no fault of her own she moves into a house intended for other purposes and finds herself unsure of whom she can trust. The result will threaten her life.
Give Fireflies in Baldwin to the reader in your house,
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From Harriet Tramer

Rounding the Circle of Love
How many of us will need to care for aging parents? Harriet Tramer is one who has and has researched the difficulties, concerns and rewards in order to manage the care of her own mother and to help others through the process.

Fact filled book with easy reference.

Rounding the Circle of Love

From Elizabeth Castillo


Feelings We Don't Reveal - Faith vs. Hate

"Elizabeth Castillo's poems brilliantly touch upon life's most important subjects, ranging from religion and family to friendship and love. Elizabeth writes about things that most of us have experienced, but presents those wisely chosen words in a way that's never been said before."

~Eugene Foley, author of
Artist Development - A Distinctive Guide To The Music Industry's Lost Art

Find out more about Elizabeth at ElizabethCastilloPoetry.com

Available in the store now


Social, political, lifestyle, Audio, Webcasting, Web Casting

On NewVoices.com
Listen to Audio ShowsElizabeth talks with music
impressario Eugene Foley about poetry and song


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A new series... collections from LadybugFlights! Ms. Elani's Recipe book.

Ms. Elani's Recipes

You will find Ms. Elani's Recipe book in our book store. The View from Anywhere.

The View from Anywhere

The View from Anywhere is a Signature Series Audio Book plus text, read by author Shimon Weinroth.

On the Money by Beatrice Spreadmoore.

On the Money

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Light Hearts and Heavy Packs by Lesli Brown


Light Hearts

To tell you it was all great and there were never any tears would be a lie but when it’s all said and done, I would pack my things tomorrow and head right back out there. It is a sense of freedom that not many experience, it is being one with the things around you and realizing that we are a very tiny part of this incredibly large world. It gets in your blood and makes you thirst for more. It is freedom and beauty in every sense of the word. It is hiking to the highest peak and looking at what’s before you but never forgetting what’s behind. It is a million different smiles and a million different tears, blisters and mosquitoes and the most unimaginable sunsets, raging rivers and desert skies. It is the trail; it will live in me forever. I cannot honestly say that there is a single day that goes by that I don’t think about being on the trail. It is a feeling you cannot fully understand until you’ve been there. So here is my journal, the closest thing I can give in terms of putting it all down on paper. Read and enjoy with an open heart and mind. Visit Lesli's blog about hiking.


Over the Edge

Over the Edge by G. L. Gerber
JuneBug Winner! This collection of short stories was chosen for the 2003 best short story collection!


4 Part Harmony

4 Part Harmony by Marcie Brown

Lives in Process

The "quilt book" Lives in Process: The Second fifty Years by Dottie Moore with portraits by Michael Harrison
This is a book that shows why electronic books are an amazing contribution to the reading experience...
Over 100 color images of some of the most beautiful quilts you will ever see!
NOW! Available as an audio book with the bonus text CD and images

Women and Disabilities It isn't them and us.

Mona Huges

a book every woman should own
by Mona Hughes

Screaming Quietly by Hadassah Bat Haim,
a humorous look at the search for a cure and understanding of migraine headache.
You will love this one!

Screaming Quietly

Also from Hadassah Bat Haim:

Off the Rails

A multimedia book on CD —
Winner of the 2001 Junebug Short Story Collection!

Off The Rails

Start Writing!

The perfect tool to fire that urge, focus your efforts, and improve your writing. A perfect gift for some other writer in your life as well!

Write What You Know
A Writers Adventure with Georgia Jones

Alice Anderson

Extraordinary Ordinary Women
by Alice Hellstrom Anderson

You are an extraordinary woman and won't want to miss this one!! available to order NOW!!


Winds of Change.

Winds of Change

Read about her!

Winds of Change is a Signature Series Audio Book, read and sung by author JoAnn Vickers Wilburn.

Winds of Change is an interweaving of stories and songs, which deal with a relationship as it moves through changes that lead toward divorce — from a fairy tale beginning through the nightmare of abuse and betrayal, to a new understanding and a new beginning. These stories are complete within themselves and also tell a complete story in their entirety. Stories and songs are written and performed by the author herself.


34 Million Friends

34 Million Friends, an honorable mention in the IPPY (small publishers) book awards!

34 Million Friends

34 Million Friends A memoir of Jane Roberts' fight for social justice for women through the organization she founded with Lois Abraham, 34 Million Friends. This book is in its thrid printing. You better get your copy now!

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Elizabeth Uselton
Feminist Studies Library
University of California, Santa Cruz
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Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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