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ISSN: 1530-5775
December 2012, Vol.14 #12



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Who makes this possible?

Regular contributors to these pages include:

Georgia Jones


Georgia Jones, Editor:
I love the fact that when you or I have something to say it can be said... no stuffy guy behind a desk or underpaid postal worker need be involved in delivering or processing what we say to each other or to the world.


Amy Cipolla Barnes, BabyBug columnist:
My professional writing career began with a very small column for as Ruby Mae and at Coffeehouse For Writers where I taught courses. I traveled Georgia's Highway 41 in a red convertible with big red hair and red fingernails. The pay was small but I got invaluable clips. I then discovered as my creative poetry outlet. I have since written columns on topics ranging from stamp fraud to nostalgic radio, travel technology to date nights with small children. I still teach courses online for students around the world. My first book on hiking with your dog in Metro Atlanta is due out from Cruden Bay Books in 2003.

In December 2001, I had my first child, Joel David. I learned to type one-handed while nursing. He can't read (yet) but he's calling mamamamama. My brief two-handed typing stint is over.


David Donar, cartoonist:
I was born and raised in the Detroit area. I began my political cartooning career in college for the Eastern Echo at Eastern Michigan University. My first professional gig was at the Macomb Daily and then the Grosse Pointe News. My biggest influence was Draper Hill who was the Detroit News cartoonist from the 1970’s thru the 90’s. I am published in the Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year, by Charles Brooks. My cartoons are collected by the likes of Senator Carl Levin and in the Cartoon Library of Ohio State University. Aside from cartooning I am also an independent animator, and my work has been seen on MTV, PBS, IFC, Tech TV and festivals all over. You can see more by David Donar at


Irma Hudson, Correspondent, Virtual World:
Curiosity has always been an important trait of mine, which I developed into a degree in physics. Then I moved into meteorology. This was followed by a degree in motherhood, probably the most remarkable of my accomplishments. While working as a meteorologist, I moved naturally into the field of computers and am now a database programmer working with Microsoft Access. I am also a poet and writer. It is so much fun to play with words.


Molly Koch:
Molly Koch is a wife, mother and activist. She is the author of 27 Secrets to Raising Amazing Children. You can also find Molly at and


Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH Certified:
Richard is a prominent figure in the field of hypnosis with his best selling hypnosis and stress management cds at and His aim is to make it possible for anyone to manage emotional binge eating. For more information please visit BingeEatingEbook

Fran Sbrocchi, Correspondent, Australia:
I am Crone now, and the chronology stretches so far. Here, on the western edge of Australia it is easy to forget the great high banks of winter snow in the northern town where I was born, where summers were rich and hot and waving fields of wheat ripened against the rows of spruce and poplar. I teach now and then, spend hours at the computer reading and enjoying others’ work. We travel when we can and hope one day to meet each one of the Ladybugs.

Beatrice Spreadmoore

Beatrice Spreadmoore, Correspondent, Financial:
I am just an average person with average luck and with an interest in achieving the American dream, to be rich. I am not what I appear to be, except through email, but that is the charm of all this. Remember the government supports the rich!

Lane Willey Lane Willey (Ms. Elani):
I grew up in rural Campbell, California. My writing interests started early with plays that were performed by neighborhood groups. As an elementary teacher I wrote stories and vignettes dealing with school related issues. I have written articles on children's rights and environmental and political concerns, and my first novel, The Invitation, relates to women who often dream of 'what if'. My second book, Fireflies in Baldwin has just been released. My husband and I enjoy living in the Sierra foothills and spending time with our twelve grandchildren. I am currently working on my next book.


Do you have something to say the whole world should hear?

Here at LadybugFlights we are dedicated to the voices of women. In order for women to become a true force in the world we need, first of all, to talk to each other. It is with that in mind that we offer these pages and encourage your participation.

It is our intent to publish one short fiction or feature article and one poem per issue, though this combination will vary according to the material we receive and may be replaced by special issues with a focus on news, fiction, or poetry — Special issues will be announced well in advance so submissions can be prepared in a timely way.

Short-short stories, up to 1,000 words, and poetry under 40 lines can be submitted according to the same process as news articles (below). Longer works require special consideration so please send a proposal first. Longer works may be published up to three months after acceptance.

News items are provided from our regular contributors and from any of you who have a newsworthy item to pass on. News articles of 100-400 words will be published with a byline or you can send facts and sources and we will write it. Longer, feature, articles (1,000 to 1,500 words average) and columns will be considered on an individual basis.

We want news from all over the world and are counting on you to help us find it! (Because the language of this publication is English, all materials must be in English.)

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to compensate writers who contribute here, but it is our hope to be able to offer modest compensation soon.


Exceptional Women is a regular series of short articles, approximately 1,000 to 1,500 words about women of accomplishment. These can, certainly, include the famous and the should-have-been famous women of the past and the present, but it can also include stories of exceptional women who are not likely to be recognized by history because their unique contributions did not involve large numbers or dramatic events. We look to you to tell us about the women you admire.


We know there are a lot of good women's businesses, ezines, and individual sites out there and if you are from one of those we are happy to help you be seen. Send us material we use and we will credit your site by putting a link from the information so our readers can find out more about you.

To submit work for LadybugFlights:

Send short pieces in the body of an email message, being sure to state the source of facts and quotes you may be including. Longer works, special categories, and proposals, can be sent in the body of an email message or as an attachment saved in doc or rtf format.

Deadlines for each month's publication are firm: one week before the end of the month unless it is a special issue and another deadline has been announced.

New issues are posted late night on the last day of the month and remain active until the next month, when they are moved into the archive and kept available for one year.

Send an email with either completed work or a summary of the information or feature article you have in mind to:

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